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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 20, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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a grandmother. >> police say she was in the wrong time. preparing for the next storm, how wet it may get for your morning commute. >> good evening. it is thursday, december 20th. more wet weather is moving in tonight with storms in the forecast throughout the weekend. we found pacific as public crews cleaning out storm trains this afternoon. they're scheduling crews for the weekend and christmas week. we will go to the weather center to find out why the first in the series of storms is right now, bill. >> getting reports up in santa rosa. wind heavy at times. you will see the big picture and then we will come in so where the rain is. mainly in north bay. there's santa rosa. i've had reports of heavy showers in this area. we are getting heavy showers
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out toward st. helena. that's coming toward the yellow and oranges. and the windshield wipers are on full. head back toward the road. you will see light showers there. here is the deal. the showers will continue as we go into the evening hours and it will work their way south as we get into the morning compute. the morning commute is going to be wet. it is going be windy. there's a wind advisory out there now. when i come back i have the time line for what ux expect for your friday get a way forecast. >> it was another somber day, more victims of the tragic shooting were laid to wrest. friends and family gathered to say good-bye to six-year-old katherine hubbard this morning. six-year-old benjamin and allison were held today. in services mourners remember the teachers ann marie murphy and lauren russo. teams continue to search the home where adam plan s&a lived with his mother for -- police
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believe the 20-year-old tabunman spent most of his time playing video games in the week before the shooting. they're trying to retrieve information from the damaged computer and trace the history of the gunned used purchased by his mother. >> today joe biden met with law enforcement from around the country to reduce gun violence. the task force is considering ideas including reinstating a ban on assault weapons closing the gun show loophole and restricting clips. president obama has asked for the press to be readyby next month. bay area students mourning the students who died in the tragedy. students are talking about the violence. >> it happened about half an hour ago, dozens of teening all about a decade older but not much younger than the gunman himself, determined to prevent
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such a tragedy here. ♪ oh how he loves us. >> songs and prayer echo over the quad at heyward high school at that time when most teens are finishing finals and eager for holiday break fun, these students were thinking about newtown and the damage violence does in so many lives. >> they will never see their kids again. they have to put someone in the ground that they love so much. and like those kids never going to see christmas again. they will never see the families again. >> violence is a big issue i think in high school. the organizers graduated four years ago. she and many friends have lost loofed ones to gang violence over the years. so newtown's loss while different. it is not a stranger in homes. it is true. but there are young people, a generation of people that want to put an end to violence. >> one student wiped away tears telling us about fears she has about assaults at school. newtown was out of the blue but
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many teens live with the anxiety of on going threats. >> anything could happen. people could come to school with like weapons and you don't know that. >> since there's a lot of them, you don't know which one will come to you, which one has a weapon. >> what they have done and for what they always will do. >> students from surrounding high schools were invited to join in this vigil tonight. the message one of hope and faith for newtown and the bay area. we are live in heywrd ktvu channel 2 news. >> the connecticut shootings are focus on mental health. california is working to expand mental health services on college campuses and fund more suicide prevention hot lines. california democrats are also asking the obama administration to match state's dollar for dollar on mental health service spending.
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>> and other bay area mayors are signed a national letter calling on the president to enact strong er gun control law. the letter asks the president to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. they also want to eliminate loopholes and create a national background check. you can go to for more coverage. we have a tab at the top of the home page which includes a story about how first responders are coping. a deadly shooting outside of a hayward apartment complex. police say they received 911 calls for people who live at the complex on sleepy hollow at about 10:30 a.m. roosevelt foster was shot. police say the gunman got away. south state element t ri and martin luther king junior middle school went on lock down for about two hours z as a precaution. >> an east bay grandmother gunned down while walking home from the store. >> two candles and a few
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flowers lay near the area where friends and family say 48-year- old are mona was shot and killedful police say just before 7:00 last night, someone fired several shots along the block of international boulevard. a clerk asked we not reveal her identity. she heard the gunshots and people ran into the store for cover. >> as the guy ran in i thought they were trying to kill him. i thought they were going shoot everyone in here. >> she says the shooter never entered the store. but from a distance she heard his sister pleading for someone to call from help. he was later pronounced dead on the scene. officers believe she was caught in the middle of a gun fight as she was walking home from a store. >> i wish that they could do away with the guns all together. you know,. >> so you think getting -- >> they're in the wrong hands. >> it is all about drugs and gangs. gang stuff. >> you know, i wish it would stop. >> those we spoke with say they become immune to gun fire in this part of east oakland and feel something has to be done. but until then a beloved member
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of the community is gone too soon. >> at first i didn't believe it. i mean, you know, mona, she never bothered anybody. why would somebody kill her. >> police have not released a suspect o or a motive. however some in the community believe the shooter was aiming at a car passing by. the family is planning a memorial this weekend. ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have new information tonight where police are searching for a bank robber. police tell us the city bank on third street was robbed just before 5:00. the man got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, but tonight we have just received this surveillance photo of the suspect. the man there in the road hoodie is described as white in his 20s about 5'8" inches tall with a shaved head and tatoos on his hands, head and neck. >> police say that a hit and run driver killed a man out whacking his dog this morning. the accident happened at sutor and louisiana lose streets. that's where responders found
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the 644-year-old victim still holding his dead dog's leash. so far they have not released his name while they notify his family. no description of a suspect vehicle. >> a man on a dirt bike was struck and killed by an amtrak train. this have happened just after 11:30 between big break and the accident appears to have been an accident. the train had just left oakland and there were 92 passengers at the time. no one was injured. in oakland, at least two pedestrians were hurt in a car crash near foothill boulevard this afternoon. one of the people was pinned under a car following the crash which happened at about 1:00. one of the cars the silver mercedes ended you on the sidewalk. police are investigating and there's no word on then cans of the e pedestrians who were hurt. now to washington where house republicans abruptly canceled the vote on the gop fiscal cliff back up plan. house speaker john boehner said it did not have suffer votes to
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pass. lawmakers now have 11 days to avoid tax increases on all taxpayers along with across the board cuts in programs. speaker boehner said he plans to call the president and try to hammer something out. no action is expected until after christmasful. >> some positive economic news as u.s. home sales jumped to the highest levels in three days. the national association of realtors says the number of homes sold rose over 5 million last month. that's an increase of 14.5% from a year ago. low mortgage raising and rising employment. 5.5million indicates a healthy housing market. >> a late rally left -- the dow gained 59 points thanks in part to new numbers indicating stronger growth last quarter. nasdaq rose 6 points. numbers from the labor department today show requests for jobless benefits rose
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361,000 americans applied for unemployment. the increase reverses four straight weeksover decline. >> >> customers will see the rates rise the next go two years as they upgrade natural gas lines following the pipeline explosion. the california public utility commission approved the plan this morning. the average bill will go up 8 $0.08 a month next year and $11.36 a month the year after that. it is less than the utility asked for. critics say pg&e will still make money. >> pg&e will profit, make money, $130 million because of what happened in san bernadino and they shouldn't be allowed to do that. >> the rate hike is about 40% of what pg&e had requested. in federal court a key hearing on a precedent setting case about medical marijuana. what's next. you can't freeze -- >> parents outraged this student without heat for days
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in one school. what the district admits it did that left children a little too cold in school.
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sent a firefighter to the hospitalful the fire was reported at 5:30 a three story building on broad street in the ocean view neighborhood. we are told the firefighter suffered smoke inhalationful nobody else was hurt. the red cross is hoping some of the 25 -- helping some of the 25 residents alert. >> after an armed robbery there. police say that a woman was held up at sun valley mall last night in the parking lot near may macy's just before 7:30. she gave the robber her credit card. he pushed her to the ground.
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he was driving an older model light colored small car. the federal government crack down on medical marijuana highlighted one of the largest dispensarys in the nation. this case is also making some history. medical pot makes oakland's health scepter more than $20 million a year. some hundred thousand patients, the federal government wants to seize this property and shut it down. >> today a federal court judge in san francisco held a key hearing. >> in california and in the rest of the country. they couldn't come up with any valid reason to bring this action against us so they said they were doing it because it was too big. >> the u.s. attorney declined an on camera interview. the larger the operation, the greater the likely of abuse, and marijuana in those who do
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not have a demonstrated need. what makes it unprecedented is the city of oakland siding with the dispensary which pays significant. to stop the tragic waste of resources on trying to shut down our legitimate regulations that are in compliance with california law. >> the dispense city landlords risk losing the buildings. the court could throw out this action on a statute of limitations, the dispensary wants a jury trial. >> the judge did not indicate when she will rule but they're cautiously optimistic that this land mark case will go to trial. >> ktvu channel 2 new. >> >> katherine announced today she's retiring as the superior court presiding judge after 12 years on the bench. the 55-year-old says she will step down february 1st. she was apointed back in 2000. she has no specific plans for the future but her name has
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been mentioned as a possible candidate for public office. >> the u.s. population is grower faster than it has been in five years but still at historic lows. grew by 2.3 million to just under 314 million this year. that's an increase ofless than 1% compared to a high of 2% in 1950. analysts say aiding baby boomers and lower growth rate also bring population growth down below half a percent. >> it is easier to save a copy of the entire history of tweets. >> they're rolling out the new tool and allowing them to down load the twitter archive from the very beginning users can review them on the profile but for people with a lot of ac activity to route a message to facebook friend. people who pay the fee would be sure that the message gets into
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the person's inbox not the folder marked other where it would normally go. it will reportedly start at # $1. a special store opened today where all the gifts are free to meet their own personal shopper. at the salvation army toy and joy shop. they say it is the only program in the city where gifts for teens up to age 16 including electronic, cosmetics and gift cards. we believe christmas doesn't end at the age of 12. it is hard for low income teen with toy distributions and handouts. they don't always get gifts they're excited about. we want to make sure they're not left out. >> participating families also got a gift card for a holiday meal. >> santa's elfs welcomed familys to a similar toy store. the sacred hard community
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service -- toys and books for almost 6,000 children who might not have much to celebrate this christmas. they said it felt great to know the children would be receiving a gift. students at one school spent the past few days battling the elements. mike e plains how thick winter coats didn't cut it and how bureaucracy got in way of a quick fix. >> this is brook field in east oakland. >> it is unaccessible. kids need to be warm. >> cold on the outside, frigid on the inside. no chilly that a parent said her child wears two jackets and stays in the car until the first bell rings. >> i sit in the car and keep the heater running until it is time for them to go inside. >> not one or two but for four days one section of campus home to a number of class rooms has been ice cold. students studying bundled up in jackets. there has been no heat. >> it has been so cold.
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they complain why the kids don't come to school. how do they expect them not to get sick. >> the spokesman. >> the department was unaware that the site was without heat. >> one says school officials toll him they submitted a work order earlier this week but it may have been lost. >> things that involve children should not be misused. kids should come first. >> a technician from the district aroved here and well he found the problem. he opened up this box and said that two breaker switches were switched the wrong direction. >> four daysover frigid temperatures aall gone with the flip of a switch. ktvu channel 2 new. >> >> tomorrow could be just another friday or it could be the end of the world as we know it. according to an ancient calendar, the end of the world will come on december 21st, 2012. it has been debunked over and over but it has not stopped
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some people from stock piling. we talked to employees who say they've seen a spike in business from those looking to buy survival gear. still others are celebrating if tonight is the last night on earth. >> so does rock-n roll really take a toll. new findings suggest for those who live the life it may be hazardous to their health. >> the rain has already arrived. we have the timetable as the storm heads through the bay area. >> and if you are on the go or just away from your tv. you can watch our new cast live on the computer or an a tablet. get the app or go to
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>> creating blizzarden cans from kansas to washington. it is also creating havoc on holiday travel. flight versus been canceled and it is making a mess including a 30 car pile up many iowa. at least two people were killed. bill martin has been tracking the storm. you are looking at the commute. >> yeah, the commute is messy. it is friday morning. it is a get away and it will
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rain. you have a wind advisory. so give yourself some time. the system is tracking to the north. i have reports in santa rosa of rain heavy at times. here we are in santa rosa and you can see the showers have ended. there's showers occurring you are just not picking them up. the heaviest rain has been toward st. helensa. the rain showers will continue in the north bay and it will start to work their way south as we get into the evening hours. so i expect to see showersful you have a wet morning commute and you have winds. it has been breezy but the winds ramp up overnight. they're coming from the south. so they're hitting the bridges. you have the issue, last time we had a big storm. we had a big rig over. it is the storm that can knock over some trucks. it is real windily, maybe 40
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miles per hour, maybe 50. so here is the forecast for late tonight. the showers start to progress. now it is midnight. rain fall accumulations are almost double what they have southful as we go into 5:00 a.m., the roads are wet and windy. that's 5:00 a.m. into 7:00 a.m., still wet, showers light showers, heavier in the north bay, a little break here and you still have wind. what happens at 9:00, that starts to break apart but you have santa rosa is wet and it starts to fall apart a little toward lunchtime. widely scattered showers, but that means your afternoon commute is going to be marred with scattered showers as well. in mountains a winter storm warning. from you plans to go to lake tahoe this weekend come back at 10:00 and we will do the forecast and the time line for snow up here because they're going to see he could maybe five to six feet of snow by sunday and monday morning, maybe more than that. it is a travel weekend. so when you think about the
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five day forecast, everybody is getting ready to go somewhere and the weather is not going to happen -- weather is not going to happen. i'm back here tonight and we will have the latest computer model and try to get you going on your tried and help you the rest of the weekend. >> thank you, bill. see you at 10:00. it seems musicians are living up to the phrase, live fast and die young. a study shows that they die young earlier than the general population. as for members of bands, british researchers studied 1500 to 2009. it showed american stars are more likely than british ones to die prematurely. thank you for trusting us. we are see you next time news breaks. we continue with 10:00 news. a man and his dog struck and killed by a hit and run driver. right now we are talking to the man's friends and neighbors. we will be here for you at tmz is next right here on tv
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